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Miss Guray Attila is here to establish a line of communication and trust between you, your IVF specialist Dr Murude Cakartas Dagdelen and the administration to ensure that you have a smooth IVF treatment journey from the beginning to the end, that you receive the care that you need and deserve, understand your prescribed medication and that you follow the instructions as provided by Dr Murude Cakartas Dagdelen.

During treatment, Guray supports couples in every area.

Guray Attila was born in London and was educated their. Guray is alway’s happy to welcome patients from her home town, she will not only be your first contact at cyprus, she will also assist you until the birth of your baby.

We start your treatment at our Ivox IVF hospital. Since we have one of the best sperm and egg donor pools in Cyprus, we can help you best match your wishes in these treatments.

We offer your accommodation to you in the best way, taking into account your emotional mood. In addition to this, apart from your treatment days, you can create a holiday environment and look at the cultural sites of our island from our site IVOX IVF CENTRE. In order for us to achieve a successful result, we want you to know that our couples are as important as treatment in morale and motivation. Our quality of service, your privacy and success rate in our IVF treatments are important and valid reasons for you to choose us. In many European countries, IVF treatment is not applied to certain age ranges (40-45). At the same time, donation procedures are carried out legally in Northern Cyprus and thanks to these processes, we serve our patients from many countries. In this process, we are at your service to realize your biggest dream.